Moonlight On The Rio Grande

Moonlight on the Rio Grande

(Ken Carson)

Oh, don’t you remember a starlit night in June
The Rio Grande, a firelight’s glow, oh, don’t you remember
We strolled arm in arm by the cool river’s edge
Lost in a paradise of love

Moonlight on the Rio Grande, a moonlit sky of blue
A june night, the river, and you
Moonlight on the Rio Grande
The breeze in the trees above is whispering that I love you.

There in the starlight together
We vowed to be faithful forever, dear,
And in the firelight’s glow
the burning embers bring back scenes and we remember
Moonlight on the Rio Grande.

Moonlight on the Rio Grande

From the Ranch Boy’s Songbook “Songs of the Plains”. Photocopy courtesy of Jerry West (click to enlarge).