In My Cabin in the Carolines

In My Cabin in the Carolines

(Ken Carson)

There’s a place in my memory that I hold so dear,
Not a million dollar mansion by the sea,
It’s a haven of rest, just a wee mountain nest
And there’s where my memories carry me.

Back to my cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains,
My sunny home down in the Carolines,
I know some day I’ll start wending my way
To a sweetheart that’s waiting beneath the old pine tree
When I get back to that old shack in the mountains
I’ll ask the sweetest girl in the world to be mine
We’ll settle down there in the Blue Ridge Mountains
In my cabin in the Carolines.

From the Ranch Boy's Songbook "Songs of the Plains". Photocopy courtesy of Jerry West.

From the Ranch Boy’s Songbook “Songs of the Plains”. Photocopy courtesy of Jerry West.