Cowboy Jubilee

Cowboy Jubilee

(Ken Carson)

Come on and throw away your troubles, cast them to the moon
And sell all your worries for free
For there’s a great day comin’, can’t you hear them all hummin’,
It’s the cowboy jubilee

If you’ve got lots of leisure time and nothing else to do
And want to be happy as me
Just grab your hat and get your boots on, pretty soon you’ll be long gone
To that cowboy jubilee

Just hear that cowboy band a-playin’,
See the couples out there swayin’
You know your blues won’t mean a thing when you get in the swing
Say a cowboy’s life is for me
Soon all you’re cares you’ll be sheddin’ and like me you’ll be headin’
To that cowboy jubilee

Cowboy jubilee!

(Hear the song as sung by the Sons of the Pioneers and Roy Rogers in “Lights of Old Santa Fe“, 1944)