Songs and Lyrics

Ken Carson was as talented at writing songs as he was at singing them. He studied music theory under Eddie Ballantine for several years, and became proficient at both reading and writing music, which came in very handy over the years as he was called into service by Bob Nolan when he wrote songs (Bob could not write music himself). Ken recalled that Bob would call him in thKen Carson 1BCe middle of the night, roust him out of bed, and have him go over to Bob’s house to take down a new composition for him!

We know of very few of Ken Carson’s songs, and have found still fewer recordings and sheet music of them. If you have any information about Ken’s songs,  have a new one to add, or most of all, have sheet music,  please contact me.

Here’s a list of Ken Carson’s songs, alphabetically, most of which we know nothing of besides the titles. Co-writers and copyright dates are also listed, when known. The ones for which we have lyrics, sheet music, and/or audio are clickable links in blue.