About the Tribute

  Call me Madison. I’m of the younger set, and my motto is “She may be young, but she only likes old things.” That sums me up in a sentence.  I’m a 1940s loving songbird.

Folks ask how I got interested in Western music and started researching Ken Carson. One of these days I’ll figure out how to make a short story of it. 😀 I have always loved the West. Bob Nolan wrote a song called “The West is in My Soul“. That couldn’t ring truer in my case. So when I ‘discovered’ the Sons of the Pioneers through Roy Rogers movies, it was natural for me to be very, very interested.  As I read the phenomenally huge bobnolan-sop.net website, and the biographies of the Sons of the Pioneers therein, I was always curiously drawn to one particular Pioneer. His name was Ken Carson.

Now, when I started seeing inconsistencies around the internet in regards to Ken Carson’s life– his birth name, the town he was born in, his parent’s names, etc– I was curious. And since I’m also a perfectionist in areas like that, I did a little digging, intending to straighten out the errors and be done with it. But as I sought out to correct the inconsistencies to answer my questions, all that happened was that I discovered things that lead to more questions. After a week of that, I finally threw up my hands and decided that this was more than a passing fancy. And I became Ken Carson’s self-appointed biographer. Elizabeth McDonald, the wonderful lady who runs the Bob Nolan site, offered to let me take over Ken Carson’s biography page. Eventually I did. And it’s always changing– hopefully for the best. I’m delighted when I discover new facts or disprove old ones.

If I were to begin to list all the people who have assisted me in the preservation of Ken’s memory, we’d be here all day! But I especially want to credit, in no particular order, Jerry West, Randall Hornback, Kevin Coffey,  Elizabeth McDonald, O.J. Sikes, Bob Serkey, Patrick Thompson, Barbara Cogburn, Larry Zwisohn, Scott Carson, John Fullerton, and Amy Carson Sauers for all their help. I can’t begin to say how grateful I am to these folks for their encouragement, generosity, and enthusiasm!

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