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Ken Carson recorded quite a few songs for the Bibletone label in the early 1950s. Now these songs are no longer available, and few people have heard them– but we have the wonderful opportunity to have them re-released on CD! Tracks include:

Wondrous Word of the Lord (written by Ken himself)
The Lord’s Been Good To Me
There’s a Time To Reap and A Time To Sow
Daniel Boone
May Heaven Forgive You
I’ve Been Working on the Railroad
Orchids in the Moonlight
Dear Angels Above

Here’s the catch. The CD will not be released if we do not get enough interest.

It will not be worth the time and energy of the folks at Bibletone if people aren’t dedicated to buying the CDs. And yet, if we don’t get enough interest, this music will most likely be lost, at least to the average Ken Carson enthusiast.
So to gauge interest, please answer the poll below and share this post with your music loving friends!
The CD will sell for about $9.95 plus shipping.

One of the tracks has been uncovered and uploaded to YouTube, so you may get a sample of the treasures this CD holds: