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Tim Spencer- songwriter, actor, singer, manager — was born 105 years ago today, July 12th, 1908.

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Tim Spencer, courtesy of bobnolan-sop.net

One of the original members of the Sons of the Pioneers (along with Bob Nolan and Roy Rogers), Tim was the practical one. When the three of them were recording together, Tim was their tenor, but when Roy left, he was replaced by Lloyd Perryman. Tim then sang in a more natural range of middle voice.

Tim was with them during their most successful years. Yes, the Pioneers owed a great deal of their success to Tim’s shrewd business sense and managing know-how. He was their manager for many years, even after he left off singing with them.

Ken Carson was Tim’s roommate whenever the Sons of the Pioneers were on tour, and he remarked that Tim was sort of the ‘mother hen’ of the group. He was the peacemaker who negotiated arguments and settled differences.

“I got to know Tim pretty well. He was not a very talkative guy but was a very sincere, very nice man. It was always a good pleasure being with him and I enjoyed his company. I think he was more outgoing than Nolan was. Nolan kind of stayed within himself a lot. Hugh and Karl were constantly at each other’s throats all the time. They argued 18 hours a day. Tim was very nice to me – I was kind of the kid of the family. I helped him write a few bars of “Room Full of Roses” – just suggestions, things like that, but nothing I could claim any part of.” (Ken Carson -p. 15 “Song of the West” magazine, Fall 1990 by William Jacobsen)

Tim was a songwriter. Among his most notable songs were The Timber Trail, The Everlasting Hills of Oklahoma, Room Full of Roses, and Cowboy Camp Meeting. (for more of Tim’s songs, visit his biography page here.) He wrote songs that were melodic, catchy, and picturesque. He, like Bob Nolan, could capture the spirit of many types of tunes and present it in a winsome fashion.

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105 years ago, this talent was born. and 105 years later, people all over the globe still remember and love the songs Tim Spencer composed.

Happy 105th Birthday, Tim Spencer!

To find a playlist featuring Tim’s singing (he didn’t sing solo often!), follow this link.