Several new pages have been added to the website here. We’ve now got pages for the Ranch Boys, for Curley Bradley, an interview with Curley about his Tom Mix years on radio, and new audio and lyrics on the Songs and Lyrics page.

But the most important new page is the “How You Can Help” page.

The Poster Campaign

In an effort to reach more people who knew Ken or who can assist with researching him and his career, I’m asking for your help.Uncle Sam - I Want You For US Army

Ken Carson worked with hundreds of people over the course of his long career. He knew hundreds more. We need to find them. We need people who knew Ken, who can tell stories about him, who remember what happened when, and who can give us invaluable information that won’t be found otherwise.

To find them, I’m starting a ‘wanted poster campaign’ all over the U.S. (and Canada, if possible– Ken Carson did make personal appearances up there). You can visit the link given below (click the image) to download a high-resolution version to print.

Uncle Sam - I Want You For US Army

We are hoping to get this poster put up in places like retirement homes, community centers, country clubs, even restaurants and other places that people around Ken’s age might frequent (seniors). Many such places have poster boards you can put the ‘ad’ on if you ask at the front desk. We recommend that you ask permission before posting the flyer.

Wanted1Audio and Other Material

I’m constantly on the lookout for vinyl records, cassette tapes, video, and other material relating to Ken Carson. That means if I’m in a thrift store or an estate sale, look in the corner that has the records. I’ll be there, carefully searching for the familiar name of Ken Carson. So far I’ve had no success, but I’m not going to give up. If you ever see a record by Ken, it would be helpful if you’d jot down the name of the record and other information given so we can build our discography (at this point I cannot request you to purchase the record, because I cannot pay you back).

We’re looking for personal collections of Ken Carson material. Pictures, papers, sheet music, video, audio, newspaper clippings, memorabilia and what-have-you, everything and anything is more than welcome! Keep in mind that Ken Carson and his management sent out thousands upon thousands of fan material over the years (In the early 1940s his radio show in Chicago was sending out over a thousand pictures a day to fans). Some of those pictures are out there somewhere, and we’d be deeply grateful to receive scans or copies of them.

Contribute to the Recollections & Reflections

Do you admire Ken and have thoughts or musings on him to share? Would you like your own page on the Ken Carson Tribute website? I’m lookin’ for folks to write for the Recollections and Reflections page. Recollections is for those of you who knew Ken personally. Reflections are for those of us who never got to know him, but who enjoy his music and legacy.

Other ways you can help

  • We’re on a ‘man hunt’ for Denise Lor, actress with Ken in the 1950s on the Garry Moore Show. We have reason to believe she is still living (probably in New York), and it would be wonderful if we could interview her about her years with the Garry Moore Show and Ken Carson!
  • Help ID photos on this page– we have lots from the Curley Bradley/Tom Mix Show collection, and several other mystery photos. Perhaps you recognize some of these faces?

Thank you for all the ways so many of you have already assisted with the Tribute!